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Obviously, you expect nothing less than the best quality in cardboard boxes. What does this specifically mean? Your product is manufactured by an ISO 9001-certified company. So, it’s subject to constant checks at every stage of the production process.

Quality control


UNIT Packaging Printing is ISO 9001 certified. Every stage of the production process is subject to quality control. This is the only way to guarantee correct finishing and prompt delivery.

The progress of the order is specified on a quality certificate that you receive upon delivery. It includes a checklist with all actions and checks. The outer packaging contains all the information.

Short-term release


Quality, that also means a rapid, flexible service. Our specialty? Medium runs without delay. All this is possible because we do everything in-house and rely on extensive automation.

Your quality guarantee?

  • ISO 9001

  • Permanent control (barcode, colours, grid calibration, spectrophotometer, etc.)

  • Zero defects

  • Line clearance

  • Final check and sampling


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