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Production process


Are you looking for made-to-measure solutions in cardboard? Packaging that meets your requirements? Information leaflets that fit like a glove? Enjoy our complete service: prepress, die-cutting, printing, folding and gluing, finishing, packaging and shipping.

We provide a total service for your packaging: prepress, printing, punching, folding / gluing, transport and inspection (ISO). Trust our flexibility in print runs: from 1000 to 300,000 pieces.

During our production process, we ensure mother nature isn’t left behind. That is why we use environmentally friendly products.

Your own design?


If you already have your own designs,great! Simply send them to us! Our technical team will double check and prepare them to print with specialist packaging software (Artpro) and other software (Adobe Creative Cloud: InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop).

You always receive a sample and information sheet with all the details of your order.

If you give us the green light, we will start creating the printing plates according to the digital files. All 100% digital and eco-friendly.

Large or small editions?


Whatever the sizeof the print run, quality always takes precedence. However, we realise that printing also needs to be affordable. Therefore, we use computer-controlled multi-colour presses with paint towers and IR dryers.

Our priority? Extensive automation of the printing process, with automatic cleaning installations and plate changes for example. Guaranteed efficiency and flexibility.

Cut out shape?


Die-cuttingis the process of cutting out the right shape that will be used to make your box. The quality of the cutting dies and/or creasing matrixes is guaranteed by modern CAD/CAM technology.

The actual die-cutting is carried out by modern die presses with fully automatic separation, guaranteeing compliance with the strictest quality standards.



Folding and gluing carton packaging is precision work. Therefore, our production area is equipped with ultra-modern folding and gluing lines that include code readers, ejectors and computer-controlled glue nozzles.

The precision settings of our modern machines also fold information leaflets with the greatest care. Any folding method is possible: crosswise, zigzag, with or without extra gripping edge, etc. A sensitive counter ensures that every package contains the correct number of information leaflets.

Want to add something extra?


The cherry on the cake? Something to set your boxes apart? A luxury finish or rather restrained? We finish them with a layer of varnish: glossy, matt, UV varnish, hot stamping, plastification, relief, braille, etc. Completely according to your preferences.

The right info


Is your carton packaging ready? A visual code guarantees your finished products have been packaged perfectly. Each package specifies all the necessary information, the right control data and your specifications.

We also take care of the shipping ourselves. Our in-house transport service delivers the boxes. Punctual, trustworthy and reliable.


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