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We’re an environmentally conscious company. Therefore, we continually invest in new technologies and systematically expand. This creates added value for your company and nature. Eco-friendly products are preferred and all production waste is recycled.

High ecological requirements

Sustainable cardboard and FSC

What does this specifically mean? It means you’ll receive boxes made from cardboard from European producers who set stringent ecological requirements. They are PEFC certified. The cardboard is often FSC certified too.

FSC promotes sustainable forest management worldwide according to strict social, ecological and economic criteria. Every production link is checked through the FSC Chain of Custody certification. So, your FSC products are therefore traceable. Tip: add a product logo and you’re assured of a sustainable product.

Without plastification


More advice? Choose packaging without plastification. This is easier to recycle and less damaging to nature.

There are plenty of alternatives. Your products will still stand out, but you’ll help reduce damage to the environment.

A minimum

Lower IPA concentration

We use as little IPA as possible during printing, just under 5%, half the standard offset consumption. The print quality, on the other hand, is simply the best.

Without the use of chemical products

Smaller ecological footprint

We produce our printing plates ourselves in our own workshop, without using chemical products. It means daily deliveries are unnecessary. The result? Less road traffic and fewer CO2 emissions.

In 2017, we invested in LED lighting in our production hall, which led to a 90% saving in mains electricity consumption.

This limits our impact on Mother Nature. Unit Packaging Printing is therefore your go-to solution for sustainable cardboard boxes.

More questions about our ecological packaging?

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